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Delivery Driver Safety Tips


Truckers Are an American Icon No Comments | Aug 21, 2013 Are Long-Haul Truckers Really Such Good Drivers? I have been harping on it for twelve years now, through my Big City Driver articles, and as a columnist for Ten-Four Magazine. Ten Keys to Safe City Driving 1. Thank you! http://alladinsys.com/delivery-driver/delivery-driver-tips.php

please wait. This helps ensure the vehicle won't have any potentially dangerous malfunctions while it's on the road. Topics CDL Tests Featured Humor Safety Stories Trucking Trucking Jobs Video Lyft and Uber Jobs For Truck Drivers Worst Truck Accidents spots in Boston To CB or not to CB: Why While getting a ride to the airport, I was in a van with my family and the driver was driving safely and making sure that he didn't put anyone in danger.

Delivery Driver Safety Manual

If a sign reads , No Stopping or Standing, it means just that. Sometimes you will be right. Get the big picture; 3. I've taught our children and am teaching our grandchildren the "5 seeing habits" !

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  3. Time Traffic Lights – Timing traffic lights so that you don’t have to stop, will reduce stress and equipment wear. 7.
  4. I also like how your drivers make eye contact.

You've got to focus all the time."Tom Brotherton, a package car driver in St. Educate Your Employees Employers can reduce work-related auto accidents by educating their employees about driving safety. You help me keep my, our, kids safe! Delivery Driver Training Manual Be Predictable – Sudden movements cause accidents.

Make Sure an Accident is Never your Fault – Two simple rules will keep you in the right, every time. For example, if you are traveling 58 MPH and you approach a truck going 57, as you slowly gain on him you can do some math in your head. Aim high and steering; 2. http://www.worktruckonline.com/channel/safety-accident-management/article/story/2007/09/what-ups-can-teach-fleets-about-driver-safety.aspx You can email me directly at [email protected] Thank you!

The system has logged you out due to inactivity. Pizza Delivery Robbery Statistics DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Safety Training Program ( English/ Spanish) Vehicle Backing Safety FactSheet ( English/ Spanish) Vehicle Battery Safety - Take 5 for Safety ( English/ Spanish) Vehicle Safety It's legal in most cities to park in a fire lane for fifteen minutes while making a delivery or block a lane of traffic but that don't stop people from honking Whether it's for work or personal reason, driving can be dangerous, and according to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), the average work-related auto accident costs the employer $74,000.

Delivery Driver Safety Training

Give out a monthly gift card to the employee with the best driving record or least number of work-related accidents. http://thefoodconnector.com/seven-safety-tips-for-restaurant-delivery-drivers/ That 360 awareness you allude to in this article develops a safety intuition that is indispensable. Delivery Driver Safety Manual Overworked drivers are often unsafe drivers, and some workers may have trouble staying awake during late night shifts. Delivery Driver Training Checklist Expect the Expected – Getting cut-off on the highway is so commonplace now, you should really be expecting it. 8.

Know your five seeing habits: 1. have a peek at these guys That will help your customers feel safer when your driver arrives at their door.Restaurants take every precaution to ensure customers enjoy safe meals. Implement an Incentive Program Although no one wants to get in a car accident, you can help employees stay aware of automobile safety if you offer an incentive program. If you still have any questions I'll be happy to help. Safety Tips For Pizza Delivery Drivers

By the way- I love the Salvation Army! Stay in your lane, and 2. In fact, to me, safety is a virtue- a personal value. check over here It's called defensive driving.

Ask Your Employer for a GPS Device GPS devices allow the driver to keep his or her eyes on the road instead of a map. How Many Pizza Delivery Drivers Are Killed Each Year Reply Mike ......and where would you like the driver to park when delivering for you or your company? Some Localities allow delivery from "Standing " zones .

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Keep the following tips in mind to protect yourself, as well as others. There should be a thorough report about all incidents, and drivers who are at fault should be disciplined. The point I make in the video is, it doesn't make sense to pass someone who is going a little slower than you are. Is Pizza Delivery Safe Have fun, and be safe.

If you stay behind him for a whole hour you know that you will lose exactly one minute. One of my most enjoyable times was traveling to a certain UPS Center along with my District Manager and others to present a Safe Driving Award to a driver. No Comments | Sep 21, 2012 Dash Cam vs Staged Crash No Comments | Jul 2, 2015 9 Comments jresquival February 21, 2017 Reply That's a good point that the speed this content If you regularly experience this problem, consider speaking to your employer about taking a different shift.

Safe City Driving Tips Trucking companies, taxi companies, even sales reps- anyone who drives for a living has to put up with city driving daily- heavy traffic, road rage, aggressive drivers If you are in the Chicago to Indianapolis area, just email me here. Prevent Traffic Jams – By understanding what causes traffic jams, you can actually prevent them. 3. Make Sure Work Vehicles Are Properly Maintained Employers should perform a monthly comprehensive workplace vehicle inspection on each company vehicle.

The elite Circle of Honor recently added 1,445 drivers, including 66 new members from Canada, Germany and Puerto Rico, which were the first international markets for UPS."If you take your eyes Other Resources: Ergonomics: Manual Material Handling from Canada's National Occupational Health and Safety Resource webpage Ergonomic Guidelines for Manual Material Handlingfrom NIOSH Assistance from your Insurance Carrier: If you have a UPS drivers are the best drivers-unfortunately not all drivers are not as courteous! It hasn't changed in the fifteen years I have behind the wheel and probably will never.

You made my day. If you experience difficulties obtaining accident prevention services from your workers' compensation carrier, contact the Division at 1-800-687-7080 or [email protected] Thank you again! He's now driven for 52 years and delivered more than 5 million packages.

and Finally, regarding making sure an accident is never the fault of our drivers, can you please share with us the two simple rules that will keep our drivers in the Was this page useful? Reply Kenneth avery Thanks for your hard working excellent service. ...even thru the weather elements. .. It's OK to laugh- find some entertainment in your points.

UPS drivers are allowed to "stand" wherever and whenever, because it is their job. I don't charge any more than the average truck driver. Auto accidents also drive up the cost of employee health insurance and worker's compensation. Reply mark Actually, it's not "parking".

You see all kinds of stupid out there. Everyone who drives, whether it’s a car or a truck, needs to learn how to prevent traffic jams. 10. My family and I all felt much safer. A-1 Freight System December 24, 2015 Reply Every truck drivers should be equipped with the safety and driving tips.